Genetics Non-Discrimination Bill S-201

We request you to take a moment to read and support Bill S- 201: The Genetic Non-Discrmination Act, which is currently under consideration by the Parliament of Canada. The President of CCMG, Dr. Gail Graham says “If passed, Bill S-201 will make it illegal to require an individual to undergo a genetic test as a condition of providing goods or services, including insurance, to that individual. Similarly, insurers will not be allowed to deny insurance to an individual on the grounds that they have refused to undergo a genetic test. Canada is the only G7 country without this type of legislation. All of us in this field are acutely aware of how genetic testing is transforming health care.  Genome-wide technologies are cheaper and more accessible than ever.  Whole exome sequencing is now being used for clinical care and the movement toward “personalized medicine” is well underway. Those of us on the front line of patient care understand how fear of genetic discrimination can influence genetic test decisions.  Fear of repercussions should not prevent our society from realizing the potential of genomics. I personally believe that Canadians deserve this type of protection. If you support Bill S-201, please take a moment to write to or email your Member of Parliament (M.P.) to let him or her know. You can quickly find the address and email of your member of Parliament

ASHG has recently issued a statement of support for S-201, and is working with Canadian organizations to move the bill forward.

Quebec’s Network of Applied Medical Genetics (RMGA) has also released a position statement, in support of Bill S-201.

Read the full text of Bill S-201


Stand Up To Cancer Canada’s (SU2C)- New Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team

Dr. N. JabadoCongratulations to Dr. Nada Jabado on being named Principal Investigator of the SU2C Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team. “The Dream Team will bring new insights to brain cancer research, which has been an underfunded area.” “In their search for new treatment approaches in two of the most devastating cancers, both in brain, in adults and children – glioblastomas and infant ependymomas – the Dream Team will focus on a specific type of cell, called brain tumor stem cells (BTSCs).”

Dr. Nada Jabado along with Research Teams from across Canada will receive $11.7 Million in funding from SU2C, Genome Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Cancer Stem Cell Consortium and Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Dr. Nada Jabado, Senior Scientist at RI-MUHC, Professor at the Department of Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University research focuses on brain tumors, the leading cause of cancer-related mortality and morbidity in the pediatric years. Using Next Generation Sequencing, her research team was among the first to use and achieve a breakthrough in cancer research. Published in the journals Nature, and Cancer Cell her work identified two genetic mutations involved in up to 40% of pediatric glioblastomas, a fatal cancer of the brain.

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Funding, Jobs and Other Announcements:

Funding Opportunities:

Job Opportunities:

  • PostDoc Fellow: In Computational Genomic Laboratory (CGL) at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON
  • PostDoc Fellow: In Zellweger Spetrum Disorders at NIH, Rockville, MD, USA
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June 2016

  • June 29, 2016 at 4:00pm – Alain Bateman’s M.Sc. Seminar entitled “Identifying developmentally regulated exons in the human brain”. Supervisor: Dr. Claudia Kleinman. To be held in the Stewart Biology Building, Room W4/12.
  • August 03, 2016 at 2:00pm – Megan Eva’s Ph.D. Oral Defence entitled “Mouse Genetic Determinants of Salmonella Typhimurium Susceptibility Identified in a Chemical Mutagenesis Screen”. Supervisor: Dr. Danielle Malo. To be held in the Stewart Biology Building, Room W4/12.

TRAVEL AWARDS for 3rd Canadian Conference on Epigenetics, Sep 18-21

The Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC) Network, would like to invite you to register for the 3rd Canadian Conference on Epigenetics, titled “Epigenomics in Development and Disease”.

Confirmed speakers include Cheryl Arrowsmith, Nathalie Berube, Daniel De Carvalho, Michael Kobor, Janine LaSalle, John Lis, Jason Locasale, Matt Lorincz, Tim Reddy, Alex Ruthenburg, Yang Shi, and Li-Huei Tsai. The majority of speakers (still to be determined) will be selected from submitted abstracts.

Date: September 18-21

Location: Estérel  Resort, QC

Register online: Abstracts must be submitted before Monday, August 1 to be considered for selection as an oral presentation. Any abstracts submitted after this date will still be accepted for poster presentation. Final deadline for abstract submission and registration is Friday, August 19.

Travel awards are available for HG students and medical students. Applications must be submitted by July 7th.

Please see for more information.


IGES 2016: Toronto, Oct 24-26

25th Annual International Genetics Epidemiology Society meeting, to be held in Toronto, October 24-26, 2016.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: June 15, 2016

Note: All abstracts are to be ranked by the program selection committee, for talk selections. Top two McGill – Human Genetics ranked students or postdoc fellow will be awarded a $1,000 travel award, each, to attend the meeting. See

A wonderful set of speakers, including Lon Cardon, Gail Jarvik, Joel Schwartz, Nicole Soranzo, Mike Boehnke, Josée Dupuis, Peter St. George-Hyslop & Robert Tibshirani

Educational workshop on October 24thBig Data Phenotyping: Opportunities, Analytic Challenges, and Solutions


New Course: CMPL 642 Law and Healthcare

For 2016 – 2017, Prof. Lara Khoury, Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Law is offering a new course entitled Law and Health Care.

Course Description

The course is open to non-law students and Prof. Khoury will grant permission to interested students.


Human Genetics Research Day 2016 – Winners

Thank you to everyone who attended and presented at the Human Genetics Research Day last Thursday, May 19th. It was great to hear and see the variety of ongoing research throughout the Department.

Congratulations to our:

Oral Presentation Winners: Vinicius Medeiros Fava, Cavin Wong & Mona Wu

One-Minute Talk Winners: Enrique Gamero Estévez & Gabriel André Leiva-Torres

Poster Presentation Winners: Wejdan Alenezi, Claudia Dominici, Bianca Ho, Gabriel André Leiva-Torres, Mathieu Mancini & Sabrina Torre

HGDay 2016

Left to right: Mathieu Mancini, Vinicius Medeiros Fava, Enrique Gamero Estévez, Cavin Wong, Bianco Ho, Wejdan Alenezi, Sabrina Torre, Gabriel André Leiva-Torres, Claudia Dominici & Mona Wu   

Lastly, a special thanks to the oral and poster presentation judges for volunteering their time to assist!


SAVE THE DATE: Montreal Malaria Symposim

Science and policy shield the vulnerable from malaria

Invitation Letter

Free Registration

Date: Monday, June 20, 2016
McGill University, New Residence Hall


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