Congratulations to the Recipients of the Best Poster Presentation at the Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics Meeting!

We are happy and proud to congratulate; Andreanne Morin (Dr. Pastinen’s Lab), Fiona Allum ( Dr. Grundberg’s Lab), Kyoko Yuki (Dr. Malo’s Lab) and Cristiana Cruceanu (Dr. Turecki’s Lab) for receiving 4 out of the 5 Best Poster Presentation Awards given out at the Canadian Human and Statistical Genetics Meeting.  Excellent work!


Congratulations to the Winners of the Maude Abbott, Haile T. Debas and Rosemary Wedderburn Brown Prizes!

Congratulations to the 2014 winners of the following three major Faculty of Medicine prizes:

Dr. Julie St-Pierre, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and a member of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre, McGill Faculty of Medicine, is the 2014 recipient of the Maude Abbott prize, established in 2010.

Dr.  Loydie Jerome-Majewska, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Associate Member in the Department of Human Genetics, McGill Faculty of Medicine, and a member of the Research Institute of the MUHC (Montreal Children’s Hospital), is the recipient of the 2014 Haile T. Debas prize, also introduced in 2010.

Dr. Sylvie Lambert, Assistant Professor at the Ingram School of Nursing, McGill Faculty of Medicine, is the 2014 recipient of the Rosemary Wedderburn Brown Faculty prize, established in 2013.

The laureates will present their work at a future Town Hall, the date of which will be confirmed.

CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s winners!


O’Rosenblatt’s Lab on St. Patrick’s Day

St Patty's Day

Former Chair of the Department of Human Genetics, Dr. David Rosenblatt, ensured the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations were in full stride at the O’Rosenblatt laboratory, supporting the day’s festivities with a colorful bunch of lab members.


Congratulations to the Researchers at the Lady Davis Institute

Congratulations to the researchers at the Lady Davis Institute for identifying the first deadly genetic mutation of ovarian cancer that affects young women. For more information on this break through news click here.


Dr. William Foulkes Receives the Prestigious O. Harold Warwick Prize

Congratulations to Dr. William Foulkes for receiving the 2013 O. Harold Warwick Prize by the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Warwick Prize is given to Canadian scientists who have made great contributions to cancer control in Canada and internationally.


Simon Gravel awarded Sloan Fellowship

Simon Gravel

Simon Gravel, an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Genetics, was awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship earlier this morning, in recognition of his potential to make substantial contributions to the field of human genetics. Gravel is breaking the research mold, and refining our understanding of modern human origins by learning from history, biology, and technology.

Using mathematical, computational, and statistical models to push forward understanding of diverse types of genomic data, Gravel is tackling biological questions otherwise unanswerable using conventional cell-biology methods.

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation established the fellowship program in 1955, for early-career researchers in three categories: physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Additional research-areas were added in subsequent years, to include neuroscience, economics, computer science, computational and evolutionary molecular biology, and ocean sciences. Candidates must be nominated by their fellow scientists, and winning fellows are selected by an independent panel of senior scholars. The Foundation currently awards 126 Sloan Research Fellowships each year, and Fellows receive $50,000 to further their research. The Foundation awards $5.9 million annually.

Read the full story in the McGill Reporter.


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Funding, Jobs, and Other Announcements:

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July 30 – Aug 13

  • August 13, 2014 at 3:00pmRabia Khan’s Ph.D. Oral Defense entitled “Studying the genetic networks involved in the host immune response of MOLF/Ei mice to Salmonella infection: Dissecting the Ity2 and Ity3 loci”. Supervisor: Dr. Danielle Malo. 1205 Dr. Penfield, Stewart Biology Building, Room, W4/12.
  • October 6-7, 201427th Entretiens Jacques Cartier – Stem Cells and Cancer Seek, understand and destroy - Registration – Deadline September 8th
  • November 7, 2014 at 8:30am -MUHC Cancer Axis Research Day 2014 - Call for Abstract Submission -Deadline September 19th, Registration  - Deadline September 19th, to be held at the Royal Victoria Hospital Nurses’ LoungeRoom H4. 56

Environment Courses ENVR610 & ENVR630

Professor Peter Brown, jointly appointed with the MSE Geography and NRS with his team will teach - ENVR 610 ENVR630


Research Participants Wanted

Research Participants Wanted - Seeking adults of Ashkenazi Jewish decent


Summer Workshop on Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

The McGill Summer Workshop will tentatively be offered at the beginning of August for 7 consecutive days.  For more information about registration and the workshop please click here.


Excellence Award Winners

On behalf of Dr. Aimee Ryan, GTC Chair

This year we have awarded 5 M.Sc. and 7 Ph.D. candidates Excellence Awards. The Committee evaluated your contributions while enrolled in graduate studies in the Department of Human Genetics for 2013. Please note that contributions for 2014 were not evaluated in the review of your dossiers.

The GTC would like to congratulate all applicants on their productivity during the past year. You have made many important contributions both locally, nationally and internationally in the form of talks, posters and publications. Congratulations also to those of you who have been awarded scholarships during 2013. We wish you continued success in 2014!


Ranked by Degree & Alphabetically:


Brebner, Alison (M.Sc. 2)

De Knock, Leanne (M.Sc. 2)

Fayer, Shawn (M.Sc. 2)

Honeyman, Lisa (M.Sc. 2)

So, Derek (M.Sc. 2)


Bazett, Mark (Ph.D. 3)

Cruceanu, Cristiana (Ph.D. 6)

Gerges, Noha (Ph.D. 5)

Lopez Buitrago, Juan Pablo (Ph.D. 4)

Witkowski, Leora (Ph.D. 2)

Wu, Mona (Ph.D. 2)

Yuki, Kyoko (Ph.D. 5)


Request for Participation – Educational and Counselling Psychology Program Student Survey

Educational and Counselling Psychology Program Student is looking for participants to take part in their research by completing a survey entitled “professors’ motivation for improvement in teaching’.  For more information, the survey and to view the approval certificate please click here:  ECP Survey Information


The Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics – (Wellcome Trust Summer School) Aug. 17-21 2014

The Wellcome Trust Summer School for PhD students has been renamed The Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics as of 2011 in tribute to Leena Peltonen.  The 3 day interactive course will be August 17-21 2014.  The application deadline is May 15th 2014.  For more information please click here: The Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics



The Centre for High-Throughput Biology at the University of British Columbia ( invites applications for a Tier II Canada Research Chair (CRC) position in the field of high-throughput biology. The focus of the chair will be to advance the science of high-throughput biology, either through technology development or through creative use of high-throughput approaches to biological questions.

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Inspections, Compliance, Enforcement, and Criminal Investigations

FDA tells to immediately stop marketing Personal Genome Service.



Medical Genetics at McGill: The History of a Pioneering Research Group

Take the time and read more about it HERE.


Stem Cell Renewal Theory

Over 60 years ago, Yves Clermont and Charles Leblond characterized the steps of sperm differentiation in the testis. This enabled them to identify for the first time the population of spermatogonia responsible for the production of spermatozoa. We celebrate 60 years later the publication of their landmark paper and their discovery which is described by them as “the reappearance at each cycle of a new dormant cell which acts as the stem cell of a subsequent generation of spermatocytes…is described as the ‘Stem Cell Renewal Theory’. This paper reveals the first identified population of stem cells and the first use in the literature of the term stem cells in this biological context. This ground breaking discovery resonates today with the therapeutic application of stem cells in order to alleviate human disease from cancer to devastating degenerative diseases (Y. Clermont and C.P. Leblond. Renewal of spermatogonia in the rat. Am. J. Anat. 1953. 93:475-501).


GAPPS Repository Pregnancy Specimens and Data Available to Researchers

The GAPPS Repository comprises pregnancy specimens and linked phenotypic data that are widely-accessible to researchers. Using GAPPS Repository samples, you can pursue research studies without the burden of creating a unique cohort of pregnant women.  These samples are a valuable resource for researchers in many fields, including genetics, epidemiology, pathophysiology, translational science, fetal origins of adult diseases, and healthcare delivery.

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