Volume 8, Number 1

McGill’s tide-turning approach to research and innovation places a renewed focus on the cultural, entrepreneurial and social life of local and global communities.

Volume 7, Number 1

What makes McGill’s research unique? What common characteristics define our work and bind us together as a community? What fields will demand our attention or produce the greatest breakthroughs in the next decade? //
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Volume 6, Number 2

The idea of “building a better world” lies behind the articles that follow, and through my daily walks I’ve gained a new understanding about why this theme is so appropriate. It recently hit me that my routine could undergo changes, both big and small, in the coming years as the result of research being conducted at McGill today.
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Volume 6, Number 1

Aging touches everyone’s life in profound ways. When I returned to Montreal from Calgary in 2010 to become VP (RIR) at McGill, I quite literally moved back home, temporarily taking up residence with my elderly parents. This was a learning experience, as I saw first-hand their needs in terms of their health, mobility and care.
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Volume 5, Number 1

At McGill, we focus on advancing the government priorities that align with our academic strengths. It’s crucial work and, as Headway has shown over the past five years, McGill researchers are extremely active and successful at meeting these challenges. But that’s not the whole picture.
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Volume 4, Number 2

There exists an image of the solitary genius, toiling day and night, pushing toward a “Eureka!” moment that will clarify deep mysteries. The parts are true enough. Research does entail long hours of hard work. Illuminating breakthroughs do strike. And having a nimble, brilliant mind certainly helps. But isolation isn’t a hallmark of today’s research.

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Volume 2, Number 1

In recent months, McGill has celebrated new recognition of its excellence, with prominent placements in Newsweek’s list of the Top 100 Global Universities and the Academic Rankings of World Universities compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University—as well as being the only Canadian university in the top 25 of the 2006 Times Higher Education Supplement‘s World [...]

Volume 1, Number 2

The theme of this, the second issue of Headway, is one of the most pressing questions facing mankind: what will it take to protect and nurture our planet, for the benefit of this and future generations? If I can presume to provide a one-word answer, that word would be passion—and it would be hard to [...]

Volume 1, Number 1

It gives me unequivocal pleasure to introduce McGill University’s new research magazine, Headway. The choice of title plays on twin themes: the vigour and the brainpower of Canada’s most research-intensive university. Through Headway, we aim to convey some of the vibrancy of the remarkable research culture at McGill. With Headway scheduled to publish just twice [...]

Volume 4, Number 1

McGill University has a strong track record of industry collaboration—in fact, the cover story of this issue of Headway looks at some of the outstanding research that has led to many successful, life-improving ventures—but we know there’s much more work to be done.