Volume 7, Number 1

Tom Bureau specializes in detective-style plant genomics: he examines the little-understood elements in between genes called non-coding DNA and also meticulously documents plant growth to find defects caused by the suppression of a single gene.

Volume 6, Number 2

Founded in 1882, and now some 2,000 people strong, the Royal Society of Canada is the senior national body of distinguished Canadian scholars, artists and scientists. Each year, new Fellows are selected by their peers for outstanding contributions to the natural and social sciences, in the arts and in the humanities. On November 26, 2011, nine McGill researchers joined these prestigious ranks. Headway asked some of McGill’s new RSC Fellows to share the single most potent lesson from their own areas of expertise — in 50 words or less:

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Volume 6, Number 1

Jens Pruessner studies the psychoneuroendocrinology of aging. Much of his research focuses on biomarkers— such as the hormone cortisol, heart rate and blood pressure—to assess your levels of stress and their relationship to neurodegeneration. “The long-term goal,” he says, “is to hopefully understand the mechanisms behind neurodegeneration and prevent it from happening.”
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Volume 5, Number 2

Interview with Dr. Rose Goldstein, McGill University’s new Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations)

Volume 5, Number 1

Interview with Bartha Maria Knoppers, Director of the Centre of Genomics and Policy
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Volume 4, Number 2


In 1992, researchers at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and six U.S. institutions began a long-term study of treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The study, which will run until at least 2013, has yielded dozens of publications, and new insights into the overwhelming benefits of combining medication with psychosocial treatment.

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Volume 1, Number 2

Interview with Brian Alters by Mark Reynolds Brian Alters, Tomlinson Chair in Science Education, is founder and director of the Evolution Education Research Centre, a collaboration between McGill and Harvard universities. A prolific author and award-winning teacher, he was one of six expert witnesses, and the only witness from Canada, called to the stand, testifying [...]

Volume 2, Number 1

by Jennifer Towell Interview with Shree Mulay Owen EganShree Mulay, Director of the McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women since 1996, is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine whose main research interest is women's reproductive health. A founding member and past president of the South Asian Women's Community Centre in Montreal, Professor [...]

Volume 1, Number 1

Interview with Margaret Becklake by Jennifer Towell As a young physician in her native South Africa, Margaret Becklake began to suspect that pneumoconiosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of mineral dust, was not the only chronic lung disease disabling hard rock miners. “I was a young investigator, and I thought I’d find the [...]

Volume 2, Number 1

“When I started out, my ambition was always to feel that one was adding some small thing to human knowledge. But that in one’s lifetime it was going to take off in this amazing way and become such a huge and exciting field…no, I could not have possibly foreseen that. It’s immensely gratifying.”