Volume 4, Number 2

Catherine Bradley has made and designed costumes for theatre companies across Canada, including the Stratford Festival, the National Arts Centre, the Montreal Opera and the National Ballet. Since 1988, she’s also taught the art of costuming, and its history, in McGill’s Department of English. Her research project, dubbed the Digital Costume Illustration System, allows a layperson to easily transform a digital photograph of an actor into a detailed costume drawing that is perfectly proportioned to that person’s exact measurements.

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Volume 4, Number 1

From the tender age of five, all Hans Larsson ever wanted to be was a vertebrate paleontologist. He devoured dinosaur books and pestered his parents into summer camping trips in the fossil-rich Alberta badlands—which is how a 14-year-old Larsson ended up meeting paleontology legend Philip Currie. Currie was impressed by this enthusiastic kid and gave him two pieces of advice: keep pursuing scientific study, and go to McGill. Larsson did both.

Volume 4, Number 1

Meet legendary neuropsychologist Dr. Brenda Milner, credited with many landmark discoveries in the study of human memory and the temporal lobes.

Volume 3, Number 1

How can 20th-century fibre optics handle the connectivity needs of the 21st-century? David Plant’s lab in McGill’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is in a global race to meet the demands of high-definition video.

Volume 3, Number 2

Through her award-winning research, Vicky Kaspi , a world-renowned McGill astrophysicist and pulsar expert, makes stars out of her students and headlines around the world.