Blog alert: Scuba diving in the Antarctic

Monday, January 21st, 2013

While we at Headway are delighted that the McGill campus skating rink isn’t in danger of melting any time soon, we maybe also wanted to cry while waiting at the bus stop this morning. (The only reason we didn’t weep? Frozen tear ducts.) So we’re taking perverse pleasure in reading about a McGill researcher living through even colder temperatures than those in Montreal right now. Over at the New York Times, Michael Becker, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography who’s studying the effects of climate change on high Arctic polar deserts, is blogging about his adventures at the other end of the world: Antarctica. This past November and December, Becker was part of a six-person team doing scientific dives into Lake Untersee, a permanently ice-covered lake that’s home to microbes not found anywhere else on Earth. His first three blog posts are here, here and here, with more to come this week. You can also follow Becker on Twitter.

Photo credit: © Patryk Kosmider –

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