Ice, ice robot.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Good research is about solving important problems. Problems such as, Is there a better way to keep my beer or martini cold? What about making beer steins and martini glasses out of ice? That’s just what the Computer-Assisted Ice Construction lab, run by McGill professors Pieter Sijpkes (School of Architecture) and Jorge Angeles (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Centre for Intelligent Machines), is up to.

Actually, the lab’s exploration of new rapid prototyping systems for construction with ice has bigger implications than just a well-chilled beverage, including commercial and industrial part modeling. (And, sure, making hotels and other neat things for ice-tourists.) Check out their website for some nifty video and photos.

But, yes, the lab’s ice-building robot–built by PhD student Eric Barnettdid make that ice beer stein. And we at Headway salute them.

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