Home, sweet new home? Immigration success isn’t that easy.

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

For Zoua Vang, immigration isn’t just a topic for hustings whistlestops. The assistant professor in the Department of Sociology is studying the impact of individual and group characteristics on how immigrants are socially included, or excluded, in their new North American and Western Europe homes. Vang is one of the new Faculty of Arts researchers profiled in the Faculty’s latest Arts INsights newsletter.“What roles do residential neighborhoods, institutions and government policies play in the integration process?” she asks. “The dimensions of integration I examine include intergroup relations (e.g., anti-immigrant prejudice), residential segregation, health, and economic incorporation.” Her goal is to create empirical data that can improve immigration integration policy–and, in turn, better the lives of the new kids (and adults) on the block.

(Photo by Elliot Margolies. Used under Creative Commons.)

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