HR Forum — talent management

The cycle starts with recruiting the right people for the right job. Once hired, it’s about helping them to develop their potential and communicating regularly so that employees know what is expected of them and how they can make a valid contribution to the organization’s goals; it’s also about recognizing their achievements. Finally, it’s about succession planning – making that candidate’s integration as seamless as possible. Read more »

Principal’s awards for administrative and support staff

It’s time to start thinking about submitting nominations to the Principal’s Awards for Administrative and Support Staff for 2010-2011. This year, a new category has been added – Sustainability – which recognizes an employee who works collaboratively and demonstrates leadership with regards to campus sustainability. The other categories to present nominees are customer service, quality of work, initiative/innovation, teamwork and service to the community. Read more »

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A word from Michael Di Grappa

When I joined McGill six months ago, one of my priorities was to spend time getting to know as many people as possible, their issues, challenges, and aspirations. I quickly realized that we have amazing talent – people who are proud of the institution they represent and who are keen to contribute to McGill’s goals and successes. Read more »

Service Point – one year later

Service Point staffWhen Service Point was officially launched in Oct. 2010, it was the beginning of an odyssey for Romesh Vadivel, Project Manager and eventual Service Point Associate Director, a key figure in the transition toward Service Point’s new home and its new orientation. Read more »

Leadership Development — making headway

They have different backgrounds and different career paths, yet both are equally passionate about the Leadership Development Program, offered in HR’s Organizational Development group, and both insist that it has been beneficial to their career. Jane Reichman Van Toch, Dan O’Connell and Ruth Kuzaitis are actively involved in the program. Read more »

Labour capsules

Negotiations with MUNACA got under way in February. Agreements have been reached on grievances and disagreement procedures. Now, all employees must speak to their supervisor before filing a grievance. Discussions were also held on job postings and what constitutes a fair staffing process. Read more »

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HR Advisors — Dealing with the unpredictable

HR advisors play an important role in supporting their faculties and administrative units and liaising with central Human Resources. There is great team spirit among the advisors, especially when they meet as a group about twice a month to report on activities, share some insights and receive the latest information about HR policies and procedures and labour relations.Read more »


The newly accredited Association of McGill University Support Employees (AMUSE) has started negotiations with the University in view of establishing its first collective agreement. Accredited in January 2010, the union represents some 1,600 casual or temporary workers.
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CAMO networking day

McGill recruiters were among the 34 organizations scouting talent at this year’s Comité d’adaptation de la main-d’oeuvre (CAMO) Networking Day, held on April 7th. The one-day job fair attracted some 900 disabled persons with wide-ranging skills and backgrounds, all seeking job opportunities. Read more »

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