McGill again among Montreal’s Top 20 Employers

January-February 2012

For the fourth consecutive year, McGill has ranked among Montreal’s Top 20 Employers for 2012. McGill was once again the only university to make the top 20 list. The annual competition is conducted by Mediacorp Canada, Canada’s largest publisher of employment periodicals.  

McGill earned top marks for its physical workplace and for its training and skills development program (McGill pays 100% of the tuition cost).  Its health and family friendly benefits were rated above average.  The maternity and parental leave program for employees who are new parents also received high marks, as did the “earned leave program” which allows employees to defer a portion of their pay towards  a leave of absence.   Emphasis was put once again on the importance placed on balance between an employee’s work and personal life as was McGill’s popular health and well-being initiative.

For more information about the competition or to view the panel’s selection criteria and the list of winning companies, please
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