AGSEM teaching assistants sign third collective agreement

November-December 2011

On November 25, McGill and teaching assistants represented by the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM) reached an agreement on a new three-year contract. Members voted in favour of the agreement by a margin of 77.6%, which was signed on December 20. The new agreement provides for salary increases of 1.2 % per year over the next three years, in accordance with the Quebec government’s salary policy. The agreement also provides an additional sum representing 1.8% for the first two years of the contract as compensation for statutory holidays. First-time TAs will also have three hours of guaranteed paid pedagogical training upon completion. This is the TAs’ third collective agreement.

University representatives and AGSEM members signed the collective agreement on December 20. First row (left to right): Lynne B. Gervais (AVP, Human Resources), Renaud Roussel (AGSEM), Lerona Lewis (AGSEM) and Prof. Anthony Masi (Provost). Back row (left to right): Robert Comeau (Human Resources), Prof. Fabrice Labeau (Engineering), Maud Boyer (Human Resources), Anna Campana (Human Resources), Annick Lavogiez (AGSEM), Jonathan Mooney (AGSEM) and Molly Alexander (AGSEM).



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