Changes in assignments in Labour & Employee Relations

he Labour & Employee Relations unit has reassigned the portfolios of the group’s labour relations advisors. Robert Comeau, Director of the unit, explained that “there are now 14 unions on campus, so we have had to assess how best to deploy our limited resources to address labour issues and priorities …
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Travel outside the province

Employees who are travelling outside the province during the holidays are reminded to carry their Manulife benefit card, which has important information such as emergency travel assistance plan number (5320), policy number (85210) and emergency travel assistance phone numbers. If you…
The health plan covers prescription drugs, out-of-country emergency medical claims, paramedical services, and medical supplies and services. Contribution rates are determined by the frequency of use by plan members,
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Employee assistance program

The holidays are just around the corner.  This time of year can be stressful for many, either emotionally, financially or otherwise. We wish to remind you that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is there to help employees and their families who need support but don’t necessarily know where to turn.  The service is offered through [...]

Report on December HR Administrators Forum

The sixth edition of the HR Administrators Forum was held on December 5.  More than 90 people signed up for the session, given twice a year.  Here are the topics discussed at the session: Lynne B. Gervais, Associate Vice-Principal HR, kicked off the session with a brief talk on the university’s proposed hiring freeze announced [...]

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2014 Quarter Century Club welcomes 107 new members

QCC group 2014

The McGill Quarter Century Club (QCC) this year welcomed 107 new members at its 46th annual gala. Membership now includes 3,046 members. This year’s event was brought back on campus, in beautiful Redpath Hall, where the gala was held for many years.

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2014 winners of Principal’s award for administrative and support staff

McGill’s tradition of excellence reflects not only the outstanding quality and dedication of its students and professors but also of its administrative and support staff. Administrative staff plays an important role in McGill University’s commitment to the quality of life of its students. Principal Suzanne Fortier hosted a luncheon last month to celebrate this year’s winners in five categories:

Team category

Principal's Awards for 2014

Teamwork is the reason for the success of the Undergraduate Medical Education team of the Faculty of Medicine. Accepting the award on behalf of the team was Melissa Knock, manager of educational services in the Faculty of Medicine. Team members include Kate Allan, Anne Briggs, Mary Cecere, Heidi Cheung, Carolyn Cichon, John Cloutier, Silvana Di Lollo, Jean-François Gravel, Maryse Grignon, Nicole Guedon, Tim Johns, Shie Kasai, Anna Lee, Elizaberth Lefebvre, Carole Lemieux, Tamara Lutz, Sunita Mathew, Danielle Moronval, Farhad Saboohi and Alessandra Tedeschi.

Known as UGME, the team’s 20 staff members assist some 800 medical students and 400 visiting elective students. UGME ensures that students are poised to become tomorrow’s best clinicians, researchers and leaders in the field of medicine.

Their tireless efforts and outstanding work has enabled McGill University to become one of the leaders in medical education.
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Recent bargaining updates

Talks move at a steady pace with SEU

Negotiations are well under way with SEU trades and facilities with the parties having signed off on many articles.  Monetary items remain to be settled and those discussions are set to occur early in the New Year.

Agreements on several articles signed with AGSEM TAs

The parties have signed off on several important articles including disciplinary measures, grievances and arbitration, and performance evaluations. The parties are hopeful they will reach a settlement in the first half of 2015.

MCLIU course lecturers and instructors agree on core issues

The university has reached an agreement in principle on core issues with MCLIU course lecturers and instructors. This is a significant breakthrough in negotiations. The parties will return to the bargaining table in January to discuss monetary items.

AMUSE floor fellows have started negotiating

Floor fellows received their certification from the Commission des relations du travail on May 6. Since then, bargaining committees have been set up on both sides and the parties have exchanged their set of proposals in view of signing their first collective agreement. The parties have held two bargaining sessions to date.

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