November 2011

October 2011

September 2011

L'arbitre et le droit

April 2011

Looking forward, giving back: Marc Barbeau holding a portrait of Ilana Lederer.

March 2011

Law at work: What _does_ one do with a law degre these days?
(7 Mar) What does one do with a law degree these days? The Faculty’s Career Development Office takes the question in its broadest sense and offers up a multitude of possibilities, addressing how the economic climate and changing legal landscape affect the search for a job.

February 2011

Photo of a book of medical law and of the plastic model of a human heart.
(7 Feb) McGill Research Group on Health and Law member Mélanie Mader wants to have a frank discussion about organ donation and she has an unusual suggestion for how to go about doing so.

January 2011

Rehearsal scene from Antigone voilée
(14 Jan) Everyone has a story to tell and many of these stories can be found in the unexpected domain of legal cases, real or literary. This month’s Focus online cover story looks at three initiatives that examine the meeting of fact with fiction.

December 2010

Is the Gift a Contract?
(6 Dec) As the holiday season kicks into high gear, inFocus online takes a look at the legal and social dimensions of what our gifts say about us and our relationships.

November 2010

Cover page for November: Rosalie Jukier and Robert Leckey, recipients of two Principal's Teaching Awards. Principal’s Prizes for Excellence in Teaching go to Professors Rosalie Jukier and Robert Leckey

October 2010

La Salle des livres rares de la Bibliothèque de droit Nahum Gelber dévoile ses secrets et ses beautés.