At the beginning of my academic career in Brazil, a female student came to my office to talk about how overwhelmed she was feeling. She was struggling with the courses, which were very intensive, and with a personal challenge: she had a high-risk pregnancy. Continue reading.

February 2017

Nareg Growing up in Lebanon, I was envious of this one guy that was 2 years older than me and who was good at everything. He was good in class, good at sports, popular with the girls, well-mannered and kind to everyone. He was also unbeaten at chess. A not-so-known-but-decent player myself… Continue reading.

January 2017

Smiles of McGill DentistryI was working in the ER one evening when one of the housekeepers asked if I would be around for a little while. She came back with a present. She had been back home to Jamaica and brought me back a bottle of rum. I was totally surprised. I knew her casually…. Continue reading.

December 2016

Smiles of McGill DentistryOne afternoon on the bus, I bumped into the mother of a patient from the clinic where I supervise 4th year students. Their family recently immigrated from Korea and her 5 year old daughter doesn’t have medicare coverage yet, so they found their way to the McGill Paediatric Clinic at the MCH, which provides free care for refugees and recent immigrant children. Continue reading.