2017 Most Valuable Person Award Nominations

It’s time to nominate the 2017 Most Valuable Person award to a deserving member of the Faculty of Dentistry staff. This is a great opportunity to have a colleagues recognized at the Staff Dinner for their outstanding contributions to the Faculty…

Dr. Sam Abi Nader, New Assistant Dean (Academic)

Summer_Institute_2016Dr. Samer Abi Nader has accepted the responsibility of a new role in the Faculty as Assistant Dean (Academic). This role has been created in recognition of the increasing complexity and work load involved in the overall management of the DMD curriculum, including its content, the selection and evaluation of students and the program’s organization. In this role, Sam will be…

Academic and Support Staff 2016 Holiday Dinner

Summer_Institute_2016It was a festive atmosphere with much laughter at the 2016 Academic and Supporting Staff Holiday dinner. Bow ties, sparkles and many smiles at downtown’s Essence restaurant where everyone gathered to celebrate the upcoming Holidays but also to…

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Third Annual Dentistry Ski Day

Join us for a day of skiing, tubing and cross-country skiing with the Faculty. On March 11th we will be heading to Owl’s Head for a day of fun outside of the classroom. Space is limited so please reserve your spot today! Click here for full details

2017 Oral Health Research Event Winners

Summer_Institute_2016Congratulations to all our 2017 OHR Event winners! First Prize (UG): CDA/DENTSPLY Award for best undergraduate oral presentation. The winner will represent McGill at the CDA symposium and present their project. Second Prize (UG): Montreal Dental Club Prize. Third Prize (UG): Faculty of Dentistry Prize…

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Smiles of McGill Dentistry

Nareg Growing up in Lebanon, I was envious of this one guy that was 2 years older than me and who was good at everything. He was good in class, good at sports, popular with the girls, well-mannered and kind to everyone. He was also unbeaten at chess. A not-so-known-but-decent player myself… Continue reading.

Smiles of McGill Dentistry

Smiles of McGill DentistryI was working in the ER one evening when one of the housekeepers asked if I would be around for a little while. She came back with a present. She had been back home to Jamaica and brought me back a bottle of rum. I was totally surprised. I knew her casually…. Continue reading.

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Marelli B; Le Nihouannen D; Hacking SA; Tran S; Li J; Murshed M; Doillon CJ; Ghezzi CE; Zhang YL; Nazhat SN; Barralet JE. Newly identified interfibrillar collagen crosslinking suppresses cell proliferation and remodelling. Biomaterials. 54:126-35, 2015 Jun.

Lim TK; Shi XQ; Johnson JM; Rone MB; Antel JP; David S; Zhang J. Peripheral nerve injury induces persistent vascular dysfunction and endoneurial hypoxia, contributing to the genesis of neuropathic pain. Journal of Neuroscience. 35(8):3346-59, 2015 Feb 25.

Alvarado S; Tajerian M; Suderman M; Machnes Z; Pierfelice S; Millecamps M; Stone LS; Szyf M. An epigenetic hypothesis for the genomic memory of pain. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 9:88, 2015.

Cortes AR; Pinheiro LR; Cavalcanti MG; Arita ES; Tamimi F. Sinus floor bone failures in maxillary sinus floor augmentation: a case-control study. Clinical Implant Dentistry & Related Research. 17(2):335-42, 2015 Apr.

Rafiei S; Tiedemann K; Tabaries S; Siegel P.M; Komarova S.V. Peroxiredoxin 4: A novel secreted mediator of cancer induced osteoclastogenesis. Cancer Letters. 361(2):262-270, 2015.

Geffers M; Barralet J.E; Grolla J; Gbureck U. Dual-setting brushite-silica gel cements. Acta Biomaterialia. 11(1):467-476, 2015.

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Dr. Nicolau selected for ADEA Leadership Institute

Dr. Belinda Nicolau was recently accepted to participate in the American Dental Education Association Leadership Institute. She is the third McGill Dentistry Professor to be chosen to partake in the prestigious Institute. Read the full story here.

Making the leap from lab to market

Top: Team 2D-Crystalab, Bottom: Team EBHnow.com Two McGill Dentistry teams are working on getting their products to market. Dr. Faleh Tamimi and his team and Dr. Ashwaq Al-Hashedi presented their projects at this year McGill Dobson Cup, an annual startup competition for the McGill community. Dr. Al-Hashedi will continue on to the final round of the competition. Read the full story here.

Dean Allison interviewed on CTV Montreal news

PaulCTV On Tuesday, February 7 Dean Allison spoke to CTV Montreal about childhood dental surgery and the role of fluoridate water. Did you know 1/3 of all general anaesthesia on preschoolers throughout Canada is for dental decay? Watch the full interview here:

Dr. Rapheal de Souza and team awarded ITI Grant

Dr. Raphael de Souza Congratulations to Dr. Raphael de Souza and his team members for their success on the ITI grant application for their project “Single implant overdentures retained by the Novaloc attachment system: a mixed methods randomized trial”.

Chairside chat with Dr. Chantal Czerednikow

Summer_Institute_2016My role is to teach the 4th year students rotating through the pediatric clinic at the MCH. I supervise and guide their work with children 0-10 years of age. I have an hour in the morning before clinic to review techniques for pediatric dentistry, such as behaviour guidance, anesthesia and restorative techniques, trauma management, caries prevention advice…

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Faculty Announces 2016 -2017 Studentship Awards

Each year the Faculty of Dentistry has an internal competition for studentship awards to pay a portion or all of the annual student stipends that graduate students may receive while at McGill. Click here to see the list of recipients for the 2016 – 2017 academic year.

Iain Hart: A High Achiever In and Out of the Classroom

_MG_0929 The Scottish stereotype of being pessimistic is anything but true with Iain Hart. Currently in his third year of studies he radiates positivity in his relationships, patient care and academic achievements. He was awarded the Dr. D.P. Mowry and Dr. Maxwell and Betty L. Goldenberg prizes at this year’s White Coat Ceremony. Read the full interview here.

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American Association of Dental Schools First Annual Meeting

AADSHeld March 5-7, 1924 at the Congress Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, the first annual meeting of the American Association of Dental Schools was packed with lectures, reports, a symposium and a round table conference. Interestingly enough, many topics are still relevant today. Can you spot the representative from Montreal? Look for him here.

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