Welcome Lynde Kavanagh-Ormond!

Two weeks ago we warmly welcomed Lynde Kavanagh-Ormond as our new Associate Director, Advancement. Lynde will be working on the development and management of our fundraising activity with an emphasis on securing major gifts. Continue reading Lynde’s bio.

2017 Most Valuable Person Award Nominations

It’s time to nominate the 2017 Most Valuable Person award to a deserving member of the Faculty of Dentistry staff. This is a great opportunity to have a colleagues recognized at the Staff Dinner for their outstanding contributions to the Faculty…

Dr. Sam Abi Nader, New Assistant Dean (Academic)

Summer_Institute_2016Dr. Samer Abi Nader has accepted the responsibility of a new role in the Faculty as Assistant Dean (Academic). This role has been created in recognition of the increasing complexity and work load involved in the overall management of the DMD curriculum, including its content, the selection and evaluation of students and the program’s organization. In this role, Sam will be…

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Dentistry at ACFAS

This year the Faculty of Dentistry will be responsible for two symposia during the Association Francophone de pour le savoir (ACFAS). Entrance to the ACFAS congress is covered by McGill University for Graduate Students. Click here for full details.

Hall of Honour Reinauguration and Induction of New Inductees

Join us on May 18th as we reinaugurate the Hall of Honour and unveil our newest inductees; Dr. Ernie Ambrose and Dr. Jim Lund. Reception to follow at 2001 McGill College Avenue.

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Smiles of McGill Dentistry

Nareg Growing up in Lebanon, I was envious of this one guy that was 2 years older than me and who was good at everything. He was good in class, good at sports, popular with the girls, well-mannered and kind to everyone. He was also unbeaten at chess. A not-so-known-but-decent player myself… Continue reading.

Smiles of McGill Dentistry

Smiles of McGill DentistryI was working in the ER one evening when one of the housekeepers asked if I would be around for a little while. She came back with a present. She had been back home to Jamaica and brought me back a bottle of rum. I was totally surprised. I knew her casually…. Continue reading.

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A successful Sharing Smiles Day

On May 7th McGill students and teachers participated in the annual Sharing Smiles Day organised by the Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH), a fun-filled, informative day where the attitudinal barriers between dental students and persons with special needs can be removed and positive relationships fostered. Organized by Maral Aghourian and Jun Li the day was a huge success. Read all about the day.

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2016-2017 Year in Review


Dr. Bruce Ward awarded Outstanding Alumni Award

Dr. Bruce Ward, DDS ’76, was honoured at the Montreal Alumni Cocktail with the Faculty of Dentistry Outstanding Alumni Award. Dr. Ward’s was a commendable candidate for this year’s award nominated by many of his peers for his contribution to his community and to the dental profession. Also honoured at the cocktail were the three GPR residents who won the Dr. Bruce Ward Awrd for Excellent Patient Care. Continue reading.

Ahlam Abdunabi and Haider Al-Waeli win Best Poster at RSBO Scientific Day

Congratulations to Ahlam Abdunabi and Haider Al-Waeli for winning Best Poster Presentation for Public Health Research and for Preclinical and Clinical Research respectively. The awards were given at the RSBO 2017 Scientific Day held on May 26th. Continue reading.

Two new inductees added to the Hall of Honour

On Thursday, May 18th the Faculty celebrated the reinauguration of the Hall of Honour with the unveiling of two new inductees. Dr. Ernie Ambrose and Dr. James P. Lund were inducted into the Hall of Honour and will forever be remembered for the significant contributions they made to the welfare and advancement of the Faculty of Dentistry. Continue reading.

Dr. Maryam Tabrizian wins Dr. Howard S. Katz Award for Excellence in Teaching

Maryam Tabrizian At this year convocation celebrations Dr. Maryam Tabrizian will be awarded the Dr. Howard S. Katz award for Excellence in Teaching. The award recognizes involvement with course development or improvement, ability to act as a role model for personal and professional development of students and ability to engage and motivate students. Dr. Tabrizian strives for excellence and is dedicated to the success of her fellow staff and students. Continue reading.

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The Smiles We Made… in Jamaica mon!

Anthea Chang, Vanessa Del Vecchio and Sonia Rampersad, 3rd year undergraduate dental students, recently returned from an incredible dental experience in Jamaica hosted by Great Shape! Inc., a charitable organisation that provides education and dental and eye care to thousands of Jamaicans. “It was tremendously rewarding to save a child’s permanent first molars, restore a complete smile to a woman who broke her two front teeth, or to simply create a positive first dental visit for a young and impressionable patient.” Read about their trip.

MDGSS Raffle for Service to the Community Program

This semester, the MDGSS would like to raise money for the Service to the Community Program at our faculty. We are selling tickets (2$/ticket, 3 tickets for 5$) for a raffle that will take place on May 15th. There will be two basket prizes. Find out more.

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American Association of Dental Schools First Annual Meeting

AADSHeld March 5-7, 1924 at the Congress Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, the first annual meeting of the American Association of Dental Schools was packed with lectures, reports, a symposium and a round table conference. Interestingly enough, many topics are still relevant today. Can you spot the representative from Montreal? Look for him here.

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