August 30, 2017: Welcome back!

2016-2017 Issue 1

IMG_3981Welcome back! We are excited to resume our biweekly column, À l’échelle humaine

The last year of articles have guided you through the 7-Step Career Roadmap to a sound, confident and well-informed career plan for your objectives today. We have striven to provide you with a framework, a sounding board, a little advice, and of course lots of well-deserved words of encouragement. We have also dug deeper into networking strategies, recruitment expectations and job search practices in order to demystify the career building process. As we have highlighted many times before, the holy grail that is confidence is not an innate gift, nor is it an accident. Confidence depends on clarity, and clarity happens when information meets introspection. When those two intersect, you start to feel that your efforts, lessons and investments are anchored in solid ground.

The search for professional fulfilment has also led us to address some particular challenges, enriching insights, and invaluable assets in the career and immigration transitions that are increasingly common to Montrealers in 2017. In fact, for many of today’s coexisting generations of workers, the non-linear career path is a much better fit for a professional identity than the choices or circumstances that pushed us in a certain direction in our late teenager years. How many people around you have changed career goals in the last decade? How many have ‘gone back to school’ to reach new heights, or quit their job because they felt that it was no longer aligned with the values, impact or legacy they hold dear?

Fulfilment matters – whether you are taking steps towards a career change, undergoing a bigger process of relocation and reintegration, or pursuing the next stage in your professional advancement. And for the upcoming generations, it may carry even more weight than the benefits, schedules, compensation packages, and various perks that are behind today’s ratings of best employers. Our column this year will strive to articulate some of these questions, so that you can in turn use them in your own interviews, promotion discussions, business development efforts, late-night thought processes, and Sunday morning brunches.

So all that to say, whether you are reading this in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, chances are you have fascinating stories to tell and superb skills to offer, and you want to make sure both are valued and put to use. You struggle and yet flirt with change; you want your job to reflect your ambitions but also your conscientiousness; your impostor syndrome flares up when you least wish and expect it, and yet deep inside you know you can do it and hope that your manager, your prospective employer, your business partner, your coworkers and/or your clients do too.

The next few articles will therefore and once again combine a call for self-reflection with a deep-rooted faith in learning, growing and accomplishing. So whether you are holding a latte, a textbook, a business card, or a meeting agenda, we hope you’ll join us every two weeks for a few minutes of insights, questions, and warmth.

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This article was originally published in French in 24heures Montreal.

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