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Dean’s Message

Dean Judith Potter

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2017 Distinguished Teaching Award Winners

Each year, the students of McGill’s School of Continuing Studies nominate and award instructors with the Award for Distinguished Teaching. Receiving a nomination, let alone winning the distinction, is a testament to the excellence of McGill instructors and their dedication to education.

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Top 3 PR Trends

A public relations professional will look for strategies to create and nourish quality relationships with targeted groups of people.

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in the Coming Year

Working in the fast-paced industry that is digital marketing, it is a necessity to keep up with trends and upcoming products. As specialists in this field, we strive to be ahead of the curve and are happy to share the latest trends.

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Leading the Way: 2017 McGill Associates Prize in Translation

Every year, the School honours the work of outstanding translation students with the McGill Associates Prize in Translation. This year’s talented winners, Jean Massicotte, Hélène Roulston and Cheryl Smeall, all of whom were on the Dean’s list, represent the dynamism, diversity and interdisciplinary spirit of the School’s translation community.

Theory Into Practice: APICS Case Study Competition

Effectively putting theory into practice is part of a successful transition from school to working life. A team of remarkable Supply Chain Management students at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies placed third at the International 2017-2018 APICS Case Competition in San Antonio, Texas.

“I Just Want to Keep Going”

Christina Parsons’ workday is relatable to many: she works full-time in communications, and she’s a mom to two young kids. It was only recently that she added something else to her to-do list: a Professional Development Certificate in Digital Content and Community Management.

Academics, Athletics and Accolades

Christian Barker is a varsity lacrosse player, a civil engineering student, and now an award-winning writer.
He is the winner of the Communication in Engineering Excellence in Written Communication Award for the 2016 winter and summer semesters.

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Realizing Potential: Joining the Data Science Wave

Data science professionals are unlocking the potential of exponentially increasing volumes of data to solve business problems – and you could become one of them. The field of data science is on the rise, reaping the benefits of large data sets and new innovations.

Complementing Core Skills with Artificial Intelligence

Joseph Lutfi, an Investment Counsellor who holds the CFA, CAIA and CIM designations, highlights the importance of understanding the impact of AI. Many advantageous opportunities will arise as AI innovation accelerates, making it one of the top career paths in finance. Combining human expertise with artificial intelligence, almost in a cyborg manner, is the future.

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December 6, 2017: Horizontal Organizations

IMG_3981 Do clear instructions, well-defined responsibilities, a chain of authority, and reporting schedules reassure you in the boss’s ‘competence’ and the metrics you can apply to your own performance? If so, then as in the scenario in our last article, an organization with a vertical, multi-layered accountability structure is where you will likely thrive.

November, 22 2017: Vertical Organizations

IMG_3981Our next article exploring organizational culture and personal fit tackles management structures. More specifically, we put the spotlight on vertical vs. horizontal decision-making processes, and your preference for working in one or the other of these frameworks. Join us in two weeks’ time for a fun simulation of a team meeting in a horizontal structure, and let’s then determine the environment in which you are most likely to thrive.

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