Building Connections

Connection. In our digital world, this word conjures countless images of cellphones, wireless routers, Bluetooth headsets, and a host of other electronic devices. The World Wide Web epitomizes the concept of connection by virtually linking humans from every corner of the globe.

In this era, our possibilities for connection are boundless.

In Memoriam: Hervé de Fontenay

Hervé de Fontenay at the School in 1995Hervé de Fontenay, former Director of Language and Intercultural Communication at the School, died peacefully on January 4, 2014, at home surrounded by his family. Born in France, Hervé moved to Montreal at the age of 18. Hervé undertook undergraduate and doctoral studies at Université de Montréal and received a Masters in French Literature at McGill University. Hervé then began his distinguished career at McGill with a position in the Faculty of Arts in 1975.

Celebrating 25 Years of Lifelong Learning

25 Years of MCLLThis summer, the McGill Community of Life Learning (MCLL) returns to its birthplace, the Stephen Leacock Building on McGill’s main campus, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The community will host a one-day conference, Celebrating Lifelong Learning, on August 20.

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Honouring Excellence: 2014 SCS Distinguished Teacher Award

Carolyn Samuel
In presenting its 21st annual Award for Distinguished Teaching, the School recognizes those teachers who embody the highest attributes of the teaching profession. It is a way of honouring those who are committed to quality teaching, who have the ability to motivate students and who work well with their colleagues in delivering courses compatible with program and School objectives. This year the award has three recipients: Carolyn Samuel, Leanna Turner and Chantal Westgate.

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News Briefs 2013-2014 Issue 2

Add it up! Connect to a New Career

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McGill School of Continuing Studies

McGill SCS is “Taking Care of Business”

"Taking Care of Business"The business of education meets the education of business at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS). The school has reached out to a wide range of industries throughout Quebec to develop new ties. These connections have enabled the School to develop a host of outreach programs for employers, employees and the public.

McGill Students Help Others

At the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), two education-driven initiatives foster connections between our students and the Montreal community. Both help to open doors to new knowledge and experiences for both parties, and both involve language.

Wade Davis: Connecting Humanity and Nature

Wade Davis - Recipient of an honorary doctorate at this year's convocation.

As a National Geographic Society Explorer, Davis travels the globe to find stories to share about the human value of aboriginal cultures in our modern landscape. He gives us an anthropologist’s view of their worlds. He alerts us as to how their lives intersect with our very different realities, and he aptly describes their connections with our planet and its fragile ecology.

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Adam B. Coape-Arnold: Artisantrepreneur

Adam B. Coape-Arnold and Eloïse Grondin-Bouchard at the McGill Dobson Cup Start-up Competition this year.Adam B. Coape-Arnold came to 688 Sherbrooke St. the day before classes started for the Fall 2013 semester in order to see what the School offered. After having studied philosophy as an undergraduate, working in artist & record label management, as well as marketing, social media and brand building for the restaurant industry, he now wanted a solid academic background in order to advance his career in marketing. However, as soon as he saw the word “Entrepreneurship” and looked at the specific courses offered, he signed up and started the very next day.

Alumni Profile: Jacqueline Bagwiza Uwizeyimana and Ignace Nikwivuze: Rwanda Remembered

Drinking Sweet Tears original artwork by Jackie Bagwiza. The lake of tears is the young woman’s struggle to overcome adversity. The lake of sweet tears provides water to quench the animals thirst.April 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, a tragedy that saw government forces and local militias target the Tutsis ethnic group. To mark this anniversary, two graduates of the intensive Certificate of Proficiency in English Language and Culture, Jacqueline Bagwiza Uwizeyimana and Ignace Nikwivuze, organized a candlelight vigil on the McGill campus.

Public Relations Students Help to Launch Tangerine

When Tangerine, formerly ING Direct, promotes its new name in Quebec with a series of local events later this year, public relations students at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) can feel proud. Tangerine has a choice of communications strategies to deploy in the rollout, and some of those ideas emerged from students in a hands-on, “live” case study course on communications planning.

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